Friday, 20 May 2011

E3 Predictions coming

My E3 predictions won't be put up today. I had a hard week and didn't have much time to do them. You can obviously expect them before E3.

Games to look out for:
Sanctum was released last week( I think) on Steam. It is a First Person tower defence game. It sounds impossible but it actually works. You can get that for $15USD. You can also now get Terraria on Steam, and other places I suppose, for about $10USD. This game looks really cool. Most are calling it a 2D version of Minecraft but everyone who has played it is saying it isn't. When I get it( Probably this weekend) I'll do a review for you guys.

L.A. Noire is now out in Australia. It came out in the US a few days ago. It is from Rockstar, the creators of GTA and Red Dead. They used real actors for their characters and cut-scenes. The game's graffics look spectacular but from watching a couple of cut-scenes the characters movements look awkward when converted from real life to a video game. Check it out and make your own opinion.

Update for PlayStation and SOE players: PlayStation and SOE have started their welcome back packages. PSN and PSP users get to choose 2 games from a really good list. This list includes the likes of Little Big Planet and Infamous 1. There are a few more titles in that list too. Head over to the PSN blog to see all the details. I recommend you get Infamous 1 because Infamous 2 will be out soon.

That's all for this week. Happy Gaming.

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