Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Quick Update 24-5-11

Over the next couple of weeks a few articles will be posted. I am currently writing a Terraria review and compiling my list of far shot E3 predictions. You can expect more stuff on MW3 over the next few weeks. And then a rap up of stuff from E3.

On to other news. Modern Warfare 3 has been officially announced and there is now a reveal trailer up on http://www.callofduty.com/mw3. There is no mention of RavenSoft doing anything with the game. So we can assume the multiplayer is to be done by either InfinityWard or Sledgehammer Games. MW3 will be released on 8th November this year. I haven't played any of the MW campaign but it seems that the game will be set in several different countries including America, England, France and Germany. Be sure to check the gaming website you use to get more info on the game as it emerges. The game hasn't been rated and it is unsure what consoles the game will come out on but you can expect X-box 360, PS3, pc and probably Wii are all set in stone.

On other news I have a Youtube channel now. I will be putting up some Terraria videos and maybe some other stuff. The channel is BlazeFury000. Make sure you subscribe.

That's all for today. Happy Gaming.

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