Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Now I know what you guys are thinking, "OMG! Not another fan-boy trying to tell people why their favourite game will sell more or be a better game." Luckily for you I won't be doing that. I will be talking from a non-players point of view. When I say I am a non player I mean I haven't played a Battlefield game before but I have played a bit of CoD before. I'm not a CoD fan-boy, I don't even like the game that much. So get into a good reading position and be prepared for an opinion.

Firstly I'm going to get some stuff off my chest so it doesn't affect my opinion. Yes I have played CoD (you should have read that part by now) but I'm not obsessed, I haven't been 'hooked' by the 'phenomenon''. I've never played the campaign, only multi-player. The multi-player is surprisingly addictive though. The matches are quick and most of the time you have no idea how you died until the kill cam reveals you ran over a perfectly hidden claymore and didn't get out of the blast zone fast enough.The main problem I have with it is how serious the players are. When they join team based play-lists they all whinge and complain when they get an assist. All you here is "You took my kill." When I join a team based play-list I don't care who gets the kill, I just care whether we win or lose. All I care about is if I help the team win or lose, hence the word 'Team' Deathmatch. Another problem I have with the CoD is that it dominates my friends list. In my friends list I scroll down the list and more then eighty percent will be playing CoD. It does make me feel sorry for other developers who have great games that aren't CoD. And in most people's case Call of Duty is the only game they play. They don't have the patience to sit through an RPG, all they want to do is shoot stuff. Anyway, I think I've got that off my chest, now I can start with my actual opinion. Please note that the things in brackets are optional reads, although you should know that by now. They are just kind of side notes, but I would read them anyway.
I'm going to get straight to the point. 

No matter how much you try to argue, everyone knows Modern Warfare 3 will sell more copies. Everyone knows the Call of Duty series. Either you have the game or you know about five people who have the game, maybe even 10 but I bet you can't name 10 people you know who have a Battlefield game. Well you probably can because there have been quite a few but you get where I'm coming from. What I'm simply saying is, Call of Duty is a more popular franchise. This is because of mainly one reason, advertisement. In Australia the games industry isn't that big or popular, we rarely see ads for games on TV and if we do see them they are during the morning when children's shows are on. What games would these be I wonder? If you guessed children's games then you are correct. Now going on the fact that there are little to no ads for video games in Australia, I tell you this. In Australia we have a state versus state Rugby League match called the State of Origin. This is a series of three games played each year between New South Wales and Queensland (Queensland has now won six years in a row but that's for another time). During game two, everytime there was an ad break, I saw an ad for Modern Warfare 3. I saw it so many times I had memorised what the man in the ad said by the time the match was over (The man said something like, "It doesn't take the world's most powerful nations to start a war, all it takes is the will of a single man." Yes I know, it's from the MW3 trailer). Did I see a single ad for Battlefield 3? If you guessed no then you are correct (I bet some of you are happy you are 2 from 2 for correct answers so far).

So let's think about something for a second. Let's say I am a parent and I see an ad on TV for Modern Warfare 3. If my son or daughter mentions Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, which one will I know? I would know Modern Warfare 3 (anyone 3 from 3?). So then I would think, "hmm, that Modern Warfare 3 seems like a popular game and my son/ daughter has been talking about it. I suppose I'll go and buy it for him/her." So I go out to the shop and buy the game for him and give it to him/her for their birthday or Christmas etc. So which game is going to sell better thanks to advertising? Of course Modern Warfare 3 will.

On to the second topic in this debate, which game is better. I can't answer that and I don't think it is fair to compare them either. Both are completely different, sort of. Yes both are first person shooters and yes both have an online. But aren't there a lot of games in that category? For the debate as to which game is better we will have to look at it in the eyes of a critic or someone who is voting for game of the year. If you get game of the year then you would assume you had a great campaign and other modes. The game would also have to play good and look good. Where do you start your run for game of the year? With the campaign! Most FPSs are known for their short campaign but good multi-player (some are know for a short campaign and pathetic multi-player, but we won't talk about Homefront in this article). I'm pretty sure the people choosing game of the year couldn't care less if you had the best multi-player around. If you have a campaign that isn't even worth the time and money spent on the game and its engine etc. then don't even bother releasing the game.

What's in a good campaign? I'm glad you asked. I believe a good campaign has characters people can relate to, a gripping story of at least 10 to 15 hours on the default difficulty and is enjoyable. Now I know FPSs are known for their some what short campaigns but I think you can still make a good campaign that is only 10 hours long. Introduce characters and let us get closer to them quickly. Make us care for those characters and feel for them. You know you have made a good connection between audience and character if the audience is stunned and shocked if they die. In too many campaigns I don't get close enough to a character and if they get killed off I feel nothing. It's more like "Oh, they're dead. Oh well, let's keep moving." Halo: Reach is a good example of a relatively short campaign that still manages to make you feel for the characters. For the first few missions you get to know Noble team, then they start getting killed off as the battle for Reach hits its climax. I remember sitting, on my beanbag, shocked during one cutscene as Kat got shot randomly through her head by a Jackel with a needle rifle. 

So to conclude on the campaign of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, I think whoever can produce a campaign that is gripping, fun to play and full of characters you get close to will probably be called the better game in critic's eyes. As for which game will be better, you shouldn't compare. Each game has their pros and cons, you will never find the perfect game.

To conclude the debate I will talk about fan-boys. If you go and look at any article about either game you will always find fan-boys from both games battling it out in the comments trying to tell others why their game is the best. I don't get why they do this. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but usually that is a biased opinion. Unless you can give me a legitimate reason as to why one is 100% better then the other I won't care what you have to say. As stated above, each game will have good sections and bad sections, it is up to the developers to produce the best game they can. If they do this then there shouldn't be anything for the opposing fan-boys to say that makes their game 100% better. So a message to all fanboys, enough with trolling articles about why one game is better. If you really want to settle the debate, get someone to review both games and put up their scores, then you will have some real evidence to go off.

I hope you enjoyed reading. I bet your eyes are pretty sore by now. Feel free to leave your comments below to tell me what you think about the article and which game you will be buying and why. Also feel free to comment about anything else you saw in the article as well.

Thanks for reading my Modern Warfare 3 Vs Battlefield 3 article.

The opinions expressed in this article are of the author only and not influenced by anyone or anything. Please remember that this is just an opinion and no internet sources were used to find anything for this article.

Happy Gaming

By Nathan

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Update: 5/7/11

Hi readers,

I'm sorry I haven't been doing many blog posts recently but I have been busy with other things. So here is a quick update/ chat session.

I recently downloaded a demo for Sonic Generations. In the demo there is only 1 stage, Green Hill. If any of you have played earlier Sonic games you would remember what Green Hill should look like. The game looks exactly like the original games but, from playing the one stage, it looks like they have changed the stages a little. I have heard there is going to be a mix of old and new in this game because it does mark the 20th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. There was also a slight bit of 3D as well. As in some parts of the game have been given a touch of a 3D environment. But don't fear, the majority of the level was still 2D.

More information about FIFA12 has been coming out since E3. Make sure you check your favourite gaming website for all the info on the latest games and gaming news.

That's all for now guys. Happy Gaming.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Darkness II to be at Supanova Sydney.

I believe the Darkness 2 will be at Supanova, Sydney. After looking through the event guide, which included seeing English voice of Yugioh, I saw that next to GAME's info it says "Supa-Exclusive code of Darkness II being shown." We can only assume that there will some kind of playable demo. I'm not sure how much of a preview I'll be able to do because there is so much cool stuff to do there. I'll make sure I try and have a look at the game, I might be able to get some video footage or something but nothing is confirmed.

That's all for now, Happy Gaming. You can find me on Myign ( Blaze_Fury. Or you can search blaze_fury in google and it should be the 2nd one.

Update: Darkness 2 was at Supanova but you had to be 15, unfortunately I'm 15 in a few months :(. The demo they were showing outside the viewing booth looked really nice though. Supanova was a blast! E-mail me or find me on twitter and tell me if you were there. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Steam gets F2P games!

The online store run by Valve corporation, Steam, now has some Free to play games. The 3 games launched on release are 'Global Agenda: Free Agent', 'Champions Online: Free for All' and 'Spiral Knights'. All these games have been classified as MMOs and RPGs.

According to Steam 'Spiral Knights' is the most popular so far and 'Global Agenda: Free Agent' is the least popular. I would have to say, by looking at the system requirements, it is because you need a really strong computer/ laptop to run Global Agenda. I have also read, from, there is another Free to Play game that was released in America called Alliance of Valiant Arms. Unfortunately it isn't available in Australia at this time so I have no information about it. Head over to Steam to check out the game. Sorry I can't do a full review/ preview on the games, I'm a bit busy with other things at the moment. You can however, expect a review of 'Spiral Knights' when I've played it for a bit.

* Update: I read an article on Steam saying there will be 5 games released starting with today (Wednesday) and going until Sunday. So that means regions that don't currently have certain Free to play games will get them within the week. The 5th game will be 'Forsaken Worlds'

That's all, Happy Gaming.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Update: 13/6/11

E3 was last week so I'm sure a lot of you are really excited about some of the new games coming out. I haven't bought video games in a while because I'm trying to finish Final Fantasy 13 and Assassins Creed 1 (plus I have no money). You can expect some articles in the next few weeks about any games I get to play next week at Supanova in Sydney and some articles about issues in gaming.

I also plan to post some kind of diction with gaming terms for the less experienced readers. If you haven't noticed you can follow me on Twitter now. The link is on the home page.

Make sure you check your favourite gaming sites and Youtube for all the low-down from E3. I'm really excited for the PSVita, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Mass Effect 3 (haven't played any of the others yet though) and both Halo games coming out. Leave a comment or e-mail me (Also on the main page) and tell me what you are most excited for (if you follow me on twitter you can tell me there if you want). I'm also on Myign on, just search Blaze_Fury and follow me.

That's all for this week, Happy gaming.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

E3 2011 #1

Monday June 6. 
E3 officially starts tomorrow but Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony held their press conferences today. Tonnes of games were announced including the PSVita (was NGP). Check out the list below and head to your faavourite gaming news website for all the info.

Microsft Press Conference:
- Halo 4 announced with a teaser trailer
- Halo: Combat Evolved HD Remake announced with trailer.
- Gears of War 3 campaign gameplay.
- Modern Warfare 3 campaign gameplay.
- An assortion of Kinect games including Star Wars Kinect and Dance Central 2. And plenty of games getting Kinect support.
- Tomb Raider reboot gameplay.
- Forza 4 announced
- Youtube coming to X-box Live?
- X-box Live TV?
- Fable: Journey (for Kinect)
- Minecraft?
- Kinect Sports Season 2

EA Press Conference:
- Need for Speed: The run gameplay.
- Mass Effect 3 Gameplay
- FIFA 12, Madden 12
- Battlefield 3 gameplay
- Star Wars: Old Republic still has no release date.
- The Sims social for Facebook
- Over Strike announced
- Multiplatform Battlefield 3 Beta in September

Ubisoft Press Conference:
- Assassins Creed: Revelations
- Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gameplay with Co-Op
- Ghost Recon: Online trailer.
- Just Dance 3 trailer
- Rayman Origins
- Driver: San Fransisco
- Far Cry 3 announced
- Brothers in Arms 4
- Trackmania 2 trailer
- Raving Rabids shown using Kinect
- Rocksmith announced, no Slash?

Sony Press Conference:
- Uncharted 3 gameplay and trailer
- Resistance 3 gameplay
- NBA 2K12 Move demo.
- Starhawk trailer
- Sly Cooper Theives in Time trailer
- Dust514 demo/ trailer
- Bioshock Infinate Trailer/ gameplay
- NGP officially named PSVita. Which means life.
- Uncharted: Golden Abyss gameplay for Vita.
- Ruin (Vita). Has a feature that allows you to save your game on the Vita then play it from where you left off on the PS3.
- ModNation Racers (Vita)
- Heaps of emphasis on cross-platform gaming. Cloud Saves, Online competition between Vita and PS3 users and content sharing.
- Little Big Planet (Vita)
- Street Fight X Tekken

All gameplay videos and trailers in this article can be found at

Friday, 3 June 2011

Terraria- Not a 2D Minecraft

Platform: PC
Rating: PG, E10+
Release Date: Out now

What is Terraria? Terraria is a 2D, side-scrolling, indie game developed by Re-Logic. The game is described as an action/adventure RPG. There are several people who have watched the trailer and played the game who say it is just a 2D version of Minecraft. There are others who will argue that it isn’t. Well let me tell you, it isn’t. Yes, there are some features that appear in both games, like a day/night cycle, mining and gathering resources, fighting monsters (but doesn’t every game have that these days?) and building things. When I say building things I mean building a house so you have a safe area. These features that seem to appear in both games don’t make them the same. It’s like saying every FPS copied Catacomb 3-D because it is played in a first person perspective and you can shoot stuff.

Now that I have cleared up the Minecraft comparison let’s get to some gameplay. The first thing you do in Terraria before you go into your first randomly generated world is create your character. You can customise his hair style, hair colour, skin tone, shirt colour, pants colour and colour of the shoes. After that you name your character and are ready to go. The good thing about these characters is when you play a new world your character doesn’t lose any of his items you find in other worlds. In other words, let’s say I made a light saber (well it isn’t called a light saber but it acts like one) in my single player world, I could take it with me to another single player world or to my friend’s multiplayer world. This concept is very cool and I think more games should have it. I don’t think there is a limit to the amount of characters you can make too.

When starting out with a new character you are given a pickaxe and a hatchet/axe. Weapons never run out in Terraria so the only reason you have to craft stronger weapons is if you want to mine certain things that require a stronger weapon. The first thing you do in a new world is search for trees. With trees you can get wood (the foundation for most things in Terraria). Before you even start to create something the next thing you need is dirt. Why dirt you ask? Well even though the game is 2D, monsters can still get in your house/ safe area if you don’t have any walls. To create the walls you must open your inventory and scroll down the handy list on the side of the screen which shows you what you can create with the items you have in your inventory. After making a large amount of dirt wall you place it in one of your ten hand spots and left click to place it on the wall. Resources are very abundant in Terraria. The reason why this is is because you need so many resources to craft items. For example, you need 3 iron ore to craft an iron bar and you need about 7 iron bars to craft an iron sword. That means you need about 21 iron ore to craft the iron sword.  So when you think about it, everything evens out in the end when it comes to resource collection to creation.

You can collect coins from monsters and jars you find underground. You use these coins to buy items and health when NPCs come to live in your house. To have an NPC stay with you they need their own room. This room must include a door, bed, table and chair. The NPCs I have met are; a nurse, a demolitions man, a merchant and an arms dealer. There is also a guide who automatically spawns at the start of the game. Right clicking on the guide gives you some hints and tips about survival in the game. All NPCs (except the guide) can be killed by monsters that lurk in the world of Terraria. But don’t worry; they spawn again after a few minutes anyway.

Terraria plays a little bit like the old Mario games. You can’t jump up through most objects in Terraria. But you can craft wooden platforms and place them on walls etc. The platforms act a little like the big mushrooms that you can jump on in Super Mario Bros. These are the only objects you can jump through. These prove very useful when trying to get up from caves that you have dug (or you could just go deeper and kill skeleton to get a hook to create a grappling hook). Another thing you could say it has in common with Mario is that mushrooms keep you alive; well they don’t work the same but still. In Terraria you start with 5 hearts which each equal 20 health. Meaning you start with 100 health. You can find giant hearts in caves that increase the maximum number of hearts you can have.

When you die in Terraria there isn’t much penalty. You will lose some coins that you are carrying but other than that all your items you are carrying are safe. You can decide whether that is good or bad when it comes to the difficulty. There is only one level of difficulty in Terraria too.

Where Terraria goes a stray from Minecraft (besides everything I mentioned before) is that you are more focused on digging for resources to create weapons and items to help you kill all the monsters in Terraria. The amount of monsters in Terraria is amazing. From zombies to flying eye balls to killer worms, this game has them all. There are even boss fights (which are hell with just one person)!

The controls are very basic. You use the Arrow keys to move left, right and down. You use space to jump and ESC opens the inventory; although I recommend changing that to E. You can scroll through your hand inventory using the mouse wheel or you can choose the slot with the number keys. Left mouse click performs most actions in Terraria and unlike Minecraft you must be holding a weapon to attack. For example, when holding a torch you can’t attack enemies, you can only place them.

The music in Terraria fits the scene perfectly. At times when nothing is happening there is peaceful music that makes you feel like you are safe. The further underground you get the more the music becomes dramatic. During the boss fight me and my friend encountered the music was really fast moving, it made the scene feel ‘epic’. When mining ores you here a sound of metal hitting metal (what you would expect to here). Even the laser sword sounds like a light saber should. It may not seem important to some people but music and sounds in a game can sometimes make or break it.

Final Comments:
Terraria is a fun cheap game that can provide hours of entertainment in single player and multiplayer. Most computers are fast enough to run this game so I recommend you jump on Steam and purchase it. The resource collection to creation is evened out fairly well and Re-Logic are constantly putting out updates for it.

Rating: 8/10

Monday, 30 May 2011

E3 Predictions

E3 is just around and websites have been putting out somewhat accurate E3 predictions. So I decided to put together a list of possibly far-fetched predictions. For accurate predictions you can visit gaming sites like, gamespy or gamespot.

- A playable demo or gameplay video for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (out 2012 for 360, PS3, PC) will probably be shown. 

- A new Lego game trailer? What series will they do next? Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future? Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. 

- Will Activision shock us all and bring back Guitar Hero to rival Rocksmith? Slash is expected to show off Rocksmith at Microsoft's press conference.

- Now for a more precise prediction... The next game in the Call of Duty Franchise has been announced for 8 November. We can probably expect a gameplay trailer or extended campaign trailer. 

- Even though they got delayed I think we will still see something from Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Solder. I can also confirm that there will be a Free to Play Ghost Recon game coming to PC. It will include micro transactions similar to that of Battlefield: Play4Free.

- Duke Nukem will be released during or just after E3 (depending on where you live). We can probably expect a full playable demo or DLC announced. 

- FIFA 12, Maddden 12 and/or NBA 2K12 features might be announced or we might see trailers for them. This is highly unlikely though. 

- This is a long shot but maybe Nintendo will announce some 3rd party games for their current and upcoming consoles. 

- DLC for several games might be announced. 

- More details, trailers and gameplay from Saints Row 3. Be prepared for more crazy weapons. 

- Final Fantasy XIII-2 gameplay or another trailer showing more info on the game. The release for Europe, Australia and the US will be early 2012 while in Japan it will be released in late 2011. Maybe Square Enix will announce a new title or even Final Fantasy XV.

That's all for my E3 predictions. Remember to head to your favourite gaming website to get the E3 press conferences live. 

Assassins Creed: Revelations teaser trailer. As seen on:

Also make sure you check out my channel on Youtube, I'll be putting up some Terraria gameplay videos:

Next Week I'll probably have my Terraria review finished. 

Happy Gaming. Remember, E3 is 7-10 June in America.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Quick Update 24-5-11

Over the next couple of weeks a few articles will be posted. I am currently writing a Terraria review and compiling my list of far shot E3 predictions. You can expect more stuff on MW3 over the next few weeks. And then a rap up of stuff from E3.

On to other news. Modern Warfare 3 has been officially announced and there is now a reveal trailer up on There is no mention of RavenSoft doing anything with the game. So we can assume the multiplayer is to be done by either InfinityWard or Sledgehammer Games. MW3 will be released on 8th November this year. I haven't played any of the MW campaign but it seems that the game will be set in several different countries including America, England, France and Germany. Be sure to check the gaming website you use to get more info on the game as it emerges. The game hasn't been rated and it is unsure what consoles the game will come out on but you can expect X-box 360, PS3, pc and probably Wii are all set in stone.

On other news I have a Youtube channel now. I will be putting up some Terraria videos and maybe some other stuff. The channel is BlazeFury000. Make sure you subscribe.

That's all for today. Happy Gaming.

Friday, 20 May 2011

E3 Predictions coming

My E3 predictions won't be put up today. I had a hard week and didn't have much time to do them. You can obviously expect them before E3.

Games to look out for:
Sanctum was released last week( I think) on Steam. It is a First Person tower defence game. It sounds impossible but it actually works. You can get that for $15USD. You can also now get Terraria on Steam, and other places I suppose, for about $10USD. This game looks really cool. Most are calling it a 2D version of Minecraft but everyone who has played it is saying it isn't. When I get it( Probably this weekend) I'll do a review for you guys.

L.A. Noire is now out in Australia. It came out in the US a few days ago. It is from Rockstar, the creators of GTA and Red Dead. They used real actors for their characters and cut-scenes. The game's graffics look spectacular but from watching a couple of cut-scenes the characters movements look awkward when converted from real life to a video game. Check it out and make your own opinion.

Update for PlayStation and SOE players: PlayStation and SOE have started their welcome back packages. PSN and PSP users get to choose 2 games from a really good list. This list includes the likes of Little Big Planet and Infamous 1. There are a few more titles in that list too. Head over to the PSN blog to see all the details. I recommend you get Infamous 1 because Infamous 2 will be out soon.

That's all for this week. Happy Gaming.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

PSN restored, sort of

Certain parts of the PSN have been restored. You will be required to change your password when you sign on. Several features have been restored and the rest will be restored later. Here is a link to the video that will explain everything:

Quick Update

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I haven't bought any new games and I have been a bit slack. You can expect a post on Friday AEST. In this post I will give my E3 predictions. I'm not going to just predict what other people are predicting though, you can visit their sites for more certain predictions. I'll be predicting less expecting things, and some probably obvious ones. Now for some quick updates:

-PSN and SOE are still down. A spokesperson from Sony said they hope to fully restore the service by 31st May. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen. Sony have said that there will be a welcome back program which will included 30 days PlayStation Plus (Whatever that is) and it is rumoured that you will get 2 free PlayStation or PSP games. It is unclear whether these will be from a selected group of titles. There is also much debate about how Sony will release games that should have been released during the offline period. Will Sony release them all at once to keep up coming releases stable or push everything back?

-Brink was released last week and it has been getting mixed reactions. Some think it is a really good team shooter and some think it is very repetitive with poor graphics and colour. I'll be getting it eventually, maybe I'll see you guys on there(Xbox Live that is).

-Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3 will  be released in a bundle for XBLA and PSN(eventually) soon. The pack will sell for about $10.00.

- IGN have bought UGO and 1Up. Head over to to get the full details.

- Ubisoft have announced a 4th Assassins Creed game. It will be set in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) and will feature Altaïr, Ezio and Desmond as playable characters. Expect more to be announced in the coming weeks in the build up for E3.

- Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier have been postponed until early 2012. Expect trailers or gameplay videos at E3 though. 

- Dragon Quest X has been announced for Nintendo Wii. No word saying it will be released on DS or 3DS though. Dragon Quest IX was and most of the remakes are being released on DS so I'm surprised X isn't(Yet).

That's all for this week. Happy Gaming. 
Don't forget E3 June 7-9.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Gaming news: 29/4

This is a bit late, but the PSN was put offline last Wednesday after it was hacked. What you need to know is that your personal details (Whatever you gave to PSN when you signed up) have been stolen. If you had credit card information on the PSN it may have also been stolen. Sony have said in their Q&As that there is no evidence that the encryption that holds the details has been broken but you should still check your account regularly and report anything that is unusual. I can’t actually post the Q&As because of copyright reason but I have posted a link to the Playstation blog so you can read them and stay up to date with the latest. The PSN is being rebuilt and Sony have said that they hoped to restore some features within the week. This has been raising many discussions about the PSN being free and "you get what you pay for" I'll be talking more about that in a later article.

In other news, the Gears of War 3 beta will be free and available for all X-box Live gold members around Monday May 2 in America. I'm not sure if Australians will get it on May 3 or also May 2 because of the different time zones. The beta will finish on May 15 so make sure you get in there and have a play or you will have to wait until around October.

Last week Nintendo announced that they are in the production of a new console that they have codenamed “Project Café”. Not much has been revealed when it comes to what the controllers or the actual console will look like but there have been several rumours that the controllers will have dual analogue sticks and a LCD touch screen. There is also talk that you will be able to stream games to the controllers and play them as a portable device. This sounds a little like the Gameboy to Gamecube connection type thing. Nintendo have said that the graphics will be better then the PS3’s. Could this mean that Nintendo are going to focus on more of a hardcore gaming style rather than the family/ mini-game style games of the Wii?

For this next console to be successful I think Nintendo will have to start making new games instead of just relying on third-party games. What I mean by this is that Nintendo have to stop making updated remakes of older games. Some people are even getting bored with the likes of Mario and Zelda. But in my opinion it’s these characters that make Nintendo who they are.

Nintendo have said that ‘Project Café’ will be playable at E3 in June. April is nearly over and we have heard nothing about the next Call of Duty game. I think they will announce it next month and maybe get some gameplay ready for E3.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has had some patches done and is now 4.1. The 4.1 patch is called ‘Rise of the Zandalari’. I’ve never played WoW, which makes me one of a small minority of gamers. Cataclysm is the 3rd expansion for the series. The expansions are optional but are recommended as they allow you to access new areas and advance your character further.

Mortal Kombat (US: M    Europe: 18+) and Portal 2 (US: E10+    AUS: PG    Europe: 12) were the big releases this week. Mortal Kombat wasn’t released in Australia because the classification board decided it was too violent for an MA 15+ rating. This brings up more discussion about giving Australia an R18+ rating. We forget that adults play video games too. I’m sure they would love to play this game and a lot of other games that don’t get classified too.

That’s all for this week. Happy Gaming.

-Check out IGN, stay up to date with all the latest games and news:
-Stay updated with the PSN:
-World of Warcraft:
-You can contact me at

Monday, 25 April 2011

Battlefield: Play4Free review

Platform: PC
Release: Out now
Players: Online only (32 players)
Rating: ESRB- T
           PEGI- 16+

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Operating system: Windows XP or Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz
RAM: 512 MB (1 GB on Windows Vista)
Video card: 256 MB, Pixel shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Hard Drive space: 1 GB
Internet connection: 256 kbit

Battlefield: Play4Free is an online FPS by EA games. The game is free, as the title suggests, and is currently an open beta. As many of you may have guessed, Battlefield: Play4Free’s game play is similar to that of Battlefield’s. I’m not sure how much time EA will actually put into this game because I’m sure that Battlefield 3 would be number 1 on the agenda. I’ve never played a Battlefield game but have seen it being played. The Battlefield series is one of the best war simulation games out and I think Battlefield 3 will rival CoD once it is released.

B:P4F’s game play doesn’t change much compared to the other Battlefield games. You create a soldier and choose what class you want him to be then join a match. The classes are; Assault, Medic, Engineer and Recon. The Assault class carries an assault rifle and has the ability to supply team mates with ammo. The medic carries a LMG and can heal team mates. The Engineer carries a RPG and submachine gun and has the ability to repair vehicles. The Recon class has a sniper rifle and uses a motion sensor to show enemy locations to their team mates. They also have claymore mines to set traps.

On the map there are various vehicles that players can operate. There are tanks, helicopters and speed boats, just to name a few. One of the maps can be a real pain if you are without a vehicle because people jump in a plane or helicopter and bomb you from above. And unless you are an Engineer with a RPG, you can’t do anything about it. I was actually surprised by the amount of vehicles on the maps. Sometimes there were about 5 tanks firing at each other. This game excels other games in war simulation and FPS mainly because of what it looks like when you are driving a vehicle. The first time I jumped in a car I was amazed. The reason I was amazed was because the view you get is the windscreen. You can move your head to look around but while driving you stay in the First Person view.

The HUD shows you which button to press for each weapon/tool you are carrying, which was a big help. There is no kill cam or even a moving camera when you die. All that happens is you get a front view of the person who killed you. It’s a shame that there is only one game type. The creators said this new game type stops campers, but it doesn’t. All you have to do in one of the maps is capture the command post and then station some snipers and a medic on the roofs. There are only 2 maps in the game as well so if you don’t like a particular map then you aren’t in luck because every second game will be on it.

Your soldier gains XP for loads of things in B:P4F. Kills, healing, repairing, assists and tracer assists are just some of the
many ways to earn XP. You even earn XP every time your bullet hits an enemy. When you level up you gain 1 training point. You use training point to upgrade skills and learn new ones, depending on what class you are. There are quite a few skills to develop and it will take you a while to unlock them all. While competing in matches you gain in game currency. You can also purchase Battle Funds with real money. As with most free online shooters, when you buy guns you only get them for a certain amount of time. With Battle Funds you can buy guns to own forever. With normal currency you can only have them for a maximum of 3 days before you have to buy it again.

The default controls for B:P4F can make your hand sore after a while. To crouch you have to hold ctrl. This gets very annoying when you are trying to walk without being seen. It would be good if they added an option that allows you to stay in crouch with just one press of the ctrl button. You use the mouse to aim down the sights and shoot, just like most other FPS. You use the numbers to select weapons and tools. The bad thing about this is that it gets difficult to melee people. When you select the knife button you don’t hold the knife, you use it straight away. This gets tricky in mid combat. This is the same with grenades. Countless times I nearly blew myself up because I forgot that pressing 6 (my grenade button) threw the grenade straight away. But other then that the controls are set out pretty good.

Final Comments:
You don’t need a fast computer to play this game. My computer is can’t play most PC games because it is only has a Celeron 1.66GHz CPU. But this game ran fairly well if I turned down the graphics. The game is fairly balanced but needs more maps and game types if it is to become successful. This is a great game to play if you want a change from CoD and Halo before Battlefield 3 comes out. The teams need to be a little more balanced though. Sometimes a team has no medics and about 7 Recon soldiers.




Sunday, 24 April 2011

Upcoming reviews

Hi readers. Because I don't have the money to purchase the latest games that often the reviews I do will probably be about older games. Anyway...

Upcoming reviews:
- Battlefield: Play4Free       PC
- Portal 1                           PC/360/PS3 (once I finish the game)

Upcoming events:
-I'll try and find some more info on the next CoD game and the WII 2/ project cafe.

Happy Gaming.

Friday, 15 April 2011

WWE All stars Review

Platforms: 360, PS3, Wii, PSP
Rating: PG
Release date: Out now

Players: 1-4

The WWE has been around for awhile now (and by awhile I mean at least 50 years) but nothing has really changed. Each year a new game comes out with up to date rosters and events. There are slight changes and andvances each year but the core gameplay has remained. So when THQ release a game called WWE All stars no one thinks that much differently about it. I’m pretty sure most people who haven’t seen or played the game think it is just another wrestling game. WWE All stars is definitely not just another wrestling game. The first thing you have to do is disregard everything you know about wrestling before you continue reading.

WWE All stars is a multi-platform game developed by THQ San Diego. It is nothing like any WWE game that has been released. The moves are exadurated and the wrestlers have been given an build that makes them look like action figures. This isn’t a bad thing though. The moves that the wrestlers pull off are exadurated but amazing to watch. For example, while playing the trial I had access to only 2 of the 31 superstars in the game (there will be several downloadable wrestlers too). I watched in amazement as Rey Mysterio jumped from the floor to a turn buckle and then jumped about 10 meters in the air before slamming into me and knocking me to the ground. The impacts are huge and the small shockwaves that occur when the wrestlers hit the ground after being hurled across the ring help to give you a feel of how powerful the moves are. The moves are definitely key reason why this game is so fun.

The gameplay is much faster than other Wrestling games aswell. The first time I got knocked down I was expecting a some what long wait before I got back up. But my wrestler got straight up like nothing had happened. As I continued through the match my character took more damage and stayed down for a slight bit longer but this was still quicker than normal. There is no ref in the ring so you can’t get disqualified by accidentally hitting him (or purposely hitting him). And to get disqualified normally you actually have to do 3 illegal things. This means you can grab a chair and hit your opponent a couple of times and not be disqualified. The same game types from older games have been kept. This shouldn’t disappoint though because the added craziness of this game will always keep you coming back. There is also a game mode called ‘Path of Champions’. This is practically the story mode of the game. There are 3 stories to complete; Undertaker, Randy Orton and D-Generation X. I won’t go into much detail on them because I don’t want to spoil the story. The cut scenes look spectacular. There is also create a superstar and another mode called ’Fantasy Warfare’. I’m not sure what this mode is but I think you relive some classic matches from the WWE.

Those who are familiar with WWE rules don’t have an advantage in this game because most of them don’t exist. You can keep your opponent in the corner for as long as you want (I even had my opponent hanging upside down), there are no rope brakes and no count out. Another different feature in this game is the health bar. Now I bet you’re thinking “A health bar in a wrestling game?” Yes, there is a health bar. The health bar is there because it is possible to win most matches by K.O. OR pin. A warning does come up on the screen when you are in danger of being knocked out. There are also plenty of reversal opportunities. One minute you have your opponent in a grapple and are about to slam him to the ground, the next he has reversed it and you are the one being slammed. You can even reverse a move at certain points throughout the move. Which means sometimes you can get a reversal just before you get slammed. There are also 3 levels of difficulty to play on and 6 Arenas to unleash hell in. The gameplay in WWE All stars is a welcome change to a very repetitive series.

The controls in WWE All stars are very simple. The face buttons are used from strikes and grapples. The triggers and bumpers for sprinting and reversals. The Left trigger is a key button in this game as it is used to pin, climb turnbuckles, get out of the ring and get weapons. This can be very annoying when you are standing next to the ring trying to grab a weapon from under the stage. It took me countless tries to grab the weapon because I kept getting into the ring instead of searching for a weapon. Other than that problem the control scheme is great. It is similar to the original controls of the older games.

One of the things that most people don’t think makes a difference in video games is the music and sounds. The music and sounds of a video game make the game seem realistic and in most cases, better to play. The only music you really hear in WWE All stars is the entrance music for the superstars. This isn’t a bad thing though. Who doesn’t love listening to their favourite WWE superstar’s entrance music while cruising the menus? The sounds and commentary in this game are very accurate aswell. What I mean by accurate is the fact that when you get slammed into something, like a turnbuckle, it makes the sound you would expect it to make. And the crowd reacts perfectly to what is happening in the ring. The commentary is brilliant and the voices of Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross call the match precisely.

Final Comments:
You can get a demo from the X-box live marketplace if you want to test the game out first (it might be in the Playstation store aswell). WWE All stars is great fun for wrestling fans and non wrestling fans alike. It is a much needed change to the WWE video game series. The high powered, out of this world moves gives this game a sense of creativity and really introduce the ‘anything is possible’ saying into WWE. WWE All stars will provide hours of great fun and entertainment for you and your friends.

Rating: 8.5/10


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Minecraft gets release date!

Minecraft has finally got a release date. Notch, the creator of Minecraft, wrote in his blog that they planned to release the game on 11-11-11. He said that it wouldn't be much of a release, it would just be a reason to take away the 'beta' label. He said Minecraft would still be updated as usual.

For all those poor gamers who don't know what Minecraft is, Minecraft is a sandbox game for the PC and Mac. You get spawned in a world that is filled with 8bit blocks. Even the animals and monsters are 8bit. There are endless possibilities in this world. Create a roller coaster, your dream house, or just explore every nook and cranny of the world. The main concept in Minecraft is that the only limit is your imagination. the world is said to be 8 times the size of the Earth so there will always be places to explore. Every time you start a new world it is generated differently from the last. In one world might have loads of forests and caves to explore (or create) and another could just have a snowy open field.
Creeper coming for player

The main idea in Minecraft is to get wood. You get wood by walking up to a tree and holding the left mouse button to cut it down. With wood you can make pickaxes, swords etc. These tools helps you find other resources that you use to create more things. But once it hits night time you want to be inside some kind of house or shelter (which you build) because monsters come out. The 3 monsters in Minecraft at the moment are zombies, Skeletons and Creepers. The Zombies just run around and attack you with melee, the Skeletons shoot arrows at you and the Creepers blow up if they get within one square of you. There has been no word of more mobs (monsters and animals) being added but who knows what to expect.

Minecraft also features multiplayer. The servers aren't up yet but Mojang has released the software on their website for people to create their own servers so they can play with their friends. I've been in several multiplayer games and they are great fun. Playing Minecraft is much more fun with friends. You can do the same things as you could in single player, just with more people. The servers get more lagged the more people there are, but that is only natural. I'm not sure what is going to happen with the multiplayer once the game is officially released.

Minecraft is currently in beta 1.4_01. It is 25% off during the beta period. You can buy the game now for approximately $20 AUD. When you buy the game in beta you get the game as it is right now and the full version once it is released. Be quick get Minecraft before 11-11-11 to save.

Seeing as this was kind of a review as well... I give Minecraft 9.5/10. It is a great game that has been developed from a simple idea. The possibilities are endless and I can't wait til 11-11-11.

For more info visit:

By Nathan

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Call of Duty franchise is expected to be expanded yet again with an official announcement possibly coming this month (April). It will be the 8th game in the franchise. There are rumours that the game is to be a prequal of the first Modern Warfare game. Call of Duty is owned and published by Activision but have been developed by about 10 different companies. The first game was released on October 29, 2003.

Some of the more known games of the series are Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, which were developed by Infinity Ward. The most recent game in the series is CoD Black Ops. You can find a Call of Duty game on pretty much every current console. Black Ops was the best-selling video game in the U.S. last year. Black Ops was developed by Treyarch and brought back the much loved Zombies mode from World at War.

Back to the main topic- Modern Warfare 3

As I said earlier, Modern Warfare 3 hasn’t officially been announced or given a release date. But most sources have predicted a November 2011 release. Sledgehammer games are said to be working with Infinity Ward to produce the single player and Raven software is said to be working on the “online-multiplayer elements”. I headed over to Sledgehammer games’ website and clicked a few links, ( Scroll down to the bottom and click the box with Call of Duty emblem), which revealed that they were working on a Call of Duty FPS (First person shooter) game. It said more details would be coming soon. We can assume that this game is Modern Warfare 3.

Raven Software, who are supposedly doing the online- multiplayer part of MW3, are no strangers to FPS’s either. They are the guys behind Soldier of Fortune (PC) and another FPS game, Singularity(PC, 360, PS3) , was named the best FPS of E3 2009. Raven Software has developed a lot of their titles for Activision. Quake 4 ( Windows, Mac, Linux, 360) is yet another FPS developed by Raven Software. So as you can see this company has plenty of experience when it comes to FPS’s.

On a side note… I have heard people talking about MW3 being an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) . Firstly, it would have to be an MMOFPS which seems impossible, although I heard rumours that Bungie, the team behind the Halo series, is in the midst of creating one. Also, if you once again head over to Sledgehammer games’ website, they have said that they are producing a FPS not an MMO.

The reason why the Call of Duty series is so huge in the gaming world is the fact that the games are mulit-platform. Which means if you have an Xbox 360, Playstation 3 etc. you can play this game. There is so much debate between Halo fans and Call of Duty fans as to which is better. The fact is, this will never be decided. You can’t possibly compare two games and find a winner. Who knows how popular Halo would be if it wasn’t owned by Microsoft?

To summarise…

-Keep your ears and eyes peeled for an official release this month.

-MW3 isn’t going to be an MMO as far as I know.

-Infinity Ward is teaming up with Sledgehammer games to produce the single player portion of MW3.

-Raven Software, who have tons of experience with FPS’s, are probably working on the online- multiplayer.





By Nathan

Friday, 8 April 2011

Xbox 360 Kinect

I know it's a bit late but today I got a chance to play the Xbox 360 Kinect. For those of you who don't know the Kinect is a full body camera for the Xbox 360. For those who are thinking it is like the EyeToy for the Play Station, you are completely wrong. I must admit I had pretty low expectations going into the trial but after about 10 minutes of playing my opinion had changed.

To put it simply, the Kinect uses a continuously- projected Infrared light to read 3D scenes. The Kinect is simply a really cool webcam! It is described as controller free gaming. It has a built in microphone for voice recognition and other activities like headset-free party chat over Xbox-live. The most amazing thing with Kinect would have to be it's ability to see who is actually playing and who isn't. What I mean by this is that when we were trailing the game there were about 15 of us in the room. The majority of us could be seen in the background but never prevented the Kinect from recognising who was actually playing the game. It also helps by telling the user(s) whether they need to move into the camera's range. It gives directions to the user(s) telling them to either move left, forward, back etc. so that the camera can see them. You also don't have to adjust the camera for height because the camera calibrates and has the ability to move to get the player in the camera.

The Kinect has made it much easier to get multiple people in the range of the camera at once. Some of you might remember the how the EyeToy could really only have one person on screen at once and with two it was really difficult. With the Kinect there is plenty of room for two or three people to fit on the camera.

There are quite a few games out at the moment for Kinect with a lot still to come. From the look of the games, a lot of them are mini game type games. At the trial we were playing Kinect Sports. The standout for this title would have to be the boxing event. You hold your hands up as the boxing gloves and try to knock your opponent to the ground any way you can. Once the game is over you can look at footage that the Kinect camera has taken throughout the event. It was quite funny watch the recordings of us frantically trying to swing in every direction hoping to land some hits and score a knockout. In the soccer game the Kinect even picked up what foot the user(s) was kicking with.

Kinect Joyride is coming out soon here in Australia and there is a demo on Xbox live if you have it. The game seems like a racing game where you use your hands as a steering wheel. This looks like a really fun game to play.

The Kinect is a really great idea and there has been lots of thought put into it. The gameplay is smooth and the kinect does a great job with accurate movements. The games that are currently out have done a great job utilising the Kinects functions. I think we can expect great things from this device in the future. I'm hoping to buy a Kinect within the year so I can do some game reviews on it.

Final Score: 8/10

My first blog

Hi readers.

This blog will be about Video Games. I will give my opinion about certain games and events. I will review some games that I have (They might not necessarily be games that are coming out because I don't have access to them but they will be from current platforms, or old ones if you guys want.) I'll be giving you guys some of the latest news and other stuff about video games. You can e-mail me at if you want to ask me any questions or request I do a review on a certain game.

That's all for now guys. Happy gaming!