Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Steam gets F2P games!

The online store run by Valve corporation, Steam, now has some Free to play games. The 3 games launched on release are 'Global Agenda: Free Agent', 'Champions Online: Free for All' and 'Spiral Knights'. All these games have been classified as MMOs and RPGs.

According to Steam 'Spiral Knights' is the most popular so far and 'Global Agenda: Free Agent' is the least popular. I would have to say, by looking at the system requirements, it is because you need a really strong computer/ laptop to run Global Agenda. I have also read, from, there is another Free to Play game that was released in America called Alliance of Valiant Arms. Unfortunately it isn't available in Australia at this time so I have no information about it. Head over to Steam to check out the game. Sorry I can't do a full review/ preview on the games, I'm a bit busy with other things at the moment. You can however, expect a review of 'Spiral Knights' when I've played it for a bit.

* Update: I read an article on Steam saying there will be 5 games released starting with today (Wednesday) and going until Sunday. So that means regions that don't currently have certain Free to play games will get them within the week. The 5th game will be 'Forsaken Worlds'

That's all, Happy Gaming.

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