Friday, 17 June 2011

Darkness II to be at Supanova Sydney.

I believe the Darkness 2 will be at Supanova, Sydney. After looking through the event guide, which included seeing English voice of Yugioh, I saw that next to GAME's info it says "Supa-Exclusive code of Darkness II being shown." We can only assume that there will some kind of playable demo. I'm not sure how much of a preview I'll be able to do because there is so much cool stuff to do there. I'll make sure I try and have a look at the game, I might be able to get some video footage or something but nothing is confirmed.

That's all for now, Happy Gaming. You can find me on Myign ( Blaze_Fury. Or you can search blaze_fury in google and it should be the 2nd one.

Update: Darkness 2 was at Supanova but you had to be 15, unfortunately I'm 15 in a few months :(. The demo they were showing outside the viewing booth looked really nice though. Supanova was a blast! E-mail me or find me on twitter and tell me if you were there. 

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